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[ World’s First Full-Scale ‘Clean’ Coal Plant Opens in Canada ]

Like a lot of technologies that might be enlisted in the fight against climate change, carbon capture has faced a bit of a chicken-and-egg dilemma, castigated by skeptics as unproven yet given little opportunity to demonstrate its efficacy on a large scale. That begins to change today with the opening of the Boundary Dam Carbon Capture and Storage Project in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Provincial-owned electric utility SaskPower bills Boundary Dam as “the world’s first post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility attached to a coal-powered plant.” Not everyone is excited about its arrival: The director of Sierra Club Canada called the project “a waste of vital capital that should be invested in conservation, efficiency and renewable [energy].” But backers are hopeful Boundary Dam marks a turning point for CCS, which is widely thought to be essential to limiting carbon dioxide emissions but has been slow to arrive due to cost challenges and wavering policy support.…

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[ 12 wild places for fall colors off the beaten path ]

Every year, autumn delights us with grand displays of color. And every year Americans flock to prime places to see magnificent landscapes filled with reds, oranges and yellows.


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[ Save sage grouse, save the economy ]

Sage grouse might be brown, white, and yellow, but their habitat means green for nearby communities—green as in cold hard cash.


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[ Study: nature walks reduce stress, make us happier ]

A new study has scientifically proven what so many of us already intuitively know: walks in nature decrease stress and increase mental well-being.


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[ Summit Tackles India’s Sustainable Energy Goals ]

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday, clean energy was on the agenda. A joint editorial from the leaders promised they would discuss ways to “expand affordable renewable energy” in India during the prime minister’s visit, his first official trip to the States.

The word “affordable” is key everywhere, but especially in India, where some 300 million people still lack access to electricity. Certainly coal, which currently accounts for 59 percent of India’s power capacity, will help meet that demand.…

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